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Welcome to THE Dodge Dynasty Website

Use Windoze? U on drugs?!?

This is the web's most comprehensive online source for Dynasty (and select similar models) information. Whether you have the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine, the Mitsu-made 3.0L V6, or the Mopar 3.3L V6, this is the site for you. Tons of information is compiled here. Everything from repairs, to performance, and everything in-between. Be sure to check back here often, as updates can be common and large.

Because box-shaped cars don't suck!

This site is ALWAYS under construction:)

Wanted! You can help this site! How? I am currently looking for someone to scan in and email me: Any Dynasty color advertisements they can find (from magazines, etc. Other than the one at the bottom of this page), any year Dynasty build sheet (usually included in the car, under the carpetting somewhere). Lastly any TV ads for the Dynasty in .wmv, .mov or .mpeg format would be very nice.

New Dynasty (1988) on Car Lot

Cool Information:

Vin Decorder
Police Dynasty's
History of the AC/AY
Car Computer Terms
Original 1989 Dodge Dynasty window sticker
OEM Dynasty (& other AC/AY models) radios
AC/AY Production Numbers
Dodge Dynasty Paper Advertisement
1993 Dodge Dynasty Crashtest (Offsite)
1987 Dodge Dynasty TV Commercial (Offsite)
1988 Dodge Dynasty TV Commercial (Offsite)
1989 Dodge Dynasty TV Commercial (Offsite)


Headliner Replacement
Lose Door Pannels
OEM Air Suspension
ABS Brakes
Nonblinking Blinkers
Clicking (no start) attempt to start
Windshield Replacement
Studdering or stalling after successful start
Simple PCM Diagram (3.3/3.8L)
Wire Color Chart (may varry from year to year)
Engine Codes
3.3L V6 Belt routing, ast issues
Trunklid lock-cover repair
3.3L V6 Rocker-Arm Pedestal Breakage
Mpg problems
Sticky Parking/Emergency brake (rear tires wont rotate)

Performance/Mods in General:

Gauges Worth Having on your modified EEK
Battery Relocation
Airbox Elimination
Mass Reduction
180 Degree Stat
Fan Controls
Exhaust System
Engine Mounts
Throttle Bodies
Ignition System
CCD Bus Reader (Offsite)
CCD Bus-free Digital Dash Installation
Autostick Conversion
TBPS mod
Adding Leather Seats
Different Woodgrain (Trim)
Adding Chrome Power Window/Door Switches
Adding Overhead Consoles (Digital)
Adding Auto-Dim Rear View Mirrors
Guide to EEK dash clusters, swaps, etc

Performance for the 3.0:

Porting the Intake Manifold
Adding Boost
Tranny Swaps
Assorted 3.0 Mods (Offsite)
Donovan's 3.0 mod site (Offsite)

Performance for the 2.x:

Donovan's 2.x mod site (Offsite)
Allpar's 2.x N/A mod site (Offsite)
Turbo conversion- Allpar (Offsite)

Performance for the 3.3:

Tare-down of the early upper 3.3 intake manifold
Different Manifolds
Adding Boost
Jet Modules
Intake Porting
3.3 Rebuilds
Using 3.8 Parts in your 3.3
Building up the 3.3

Other sites & info:
The 3.3L V6 Shelby-Dodge Can-Am
Rear/Unique Dynasty's
A604 Info:
Basic Info
1988 Dynasty Advertisement

The Site Made On A Mac

Don't forget to check out and (hopefully join) the following yahoo groups for
help working with these cars, talking with other owners, etc:
The 3.3 List
The 3.0 List

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